1. Heartbreaker
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-originally from Led Zeppelin II

Heartbreaker has that tricky, unaccompanied guitar solo right in the middle. If we were going to record this song, the solo HAD to be flawless. Sure, I’d played it hundreds of times at shows...but never the same way twice. Plus, the question loomed large in my head: "Could I
do it under the 'microscope' of the studio while the machine was on record'? If it was to be preserved for posterity, I’d have to nail it." Interestingly enough, while researching Page's original recording process, I discovered that the solo in question was from a completely different session and only LATER was it added to the track. In fact, if you listen closely, you might notice that the guitar solo is slightly sharp of the rest of the song. Inspired by this, I decided to record the solo FIRST. If I nailed it, great, we'd record the whole song. If not, then, too bad... I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Certainly not exactly how Page played it, but I think I captured the idea nicely.
(...and slightly sharp too).


Hey fellas have you heard the news?
You know that Annie's back in town?
It won't take long just watch and see
How the fellas lay their money down
Her style is new but the face is the same
As it was so long ago
But from her eyes a different smile
Like that of one who knows

Well it's been ten years and maybe more
Since I first set eyes on you
The best years of my life gone by
Here I am alone and blue
Some people cry and some people die
By the wicked ways of love
But I'll just keep on rollin' along
With the grace of the Lord above

People talkin' all around 'bout the way you left me flat
I don't care what the people say, I know where their jive is at
One thing I do have on my mind, if you can clarify please do
It's the way you call me by another guy's name when I try to make love to you, yeah
I try to make love but it ain't no use
Give it to me, give it

Work so hard I couldn't unwind
Get some money saved
Abuse my love a thousand times
However hard I tried
Heartbreaker, your time has come
Can't take your evil way
Go away heartbreaker