Led Blimpie

Zeppelin Tribute

Originally formed in 2005 and gigging continuously for over 15 years, Led Blimpie has carried the legacy of Led Zeppelin to thousands of fans throughout the U.S.

Don't let the hilarious name fool you!
Led Blimpie is an homage to the brilliance of Led Zeppelin.

Not posers or impersonators, these die-hard rockers bring their own style and humor to the stage:exhilarating fans,instigating sing-a-longs and rockin'the requests!

Led Blimpie maintains a roster of extraordinary musicians that has developed into our "Zeppelin Family". These outstanding performers travel the world pursuing professional careers in the entertainment industry and  are always ready to "Get the Led Out!" when Zeppelin calls!

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"WOW! I was blown away from the very first note!" - Matthew R. Bryman, OUTERSTAGE

"18 wheeler drivers wish they could drive their rigs as well as Frank Picarazzi drives Led Blimpie on drums."  - Jen Bush, WordsForMusic

"Thor's playing knocks it out of the park.There's no question that he studied Jimmy Page's recordings and playing techniques." - LedZeppelinUltimateFanPage

"Taking a bite out of the competition, one song at a time!" - Bluebird Reviews

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Thor and Kat Led Blimpie Press Photo: Thor Fields and Kathryn Fransisco of Led Blimpie 61.5 KB

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